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ron jeremie

Rugby 7s

Do we have a team in Cardiff on Sunday.  All the posts on here are making it very confusing whether we do or not.

All news, as always, is posted on the main website

(Yes we are in the 7s!)

rugby 7's

the game kick off at 10.00 but we play rgc1404 second game predicted to start at 10. 20 hope that is of some help. by the way the boys did great today treorchy 14 bridgend 42

We beat RGC 19-7 in the first round of the cup in Sunday's 7's before losing 28-0 to eventual winners Llandovery in the quarter final.

We face RGC in our first Premiership game on Saturday afternoon at the Bridgend Ford Brewery Field. Kick off is 2:30pm. Forum Index -> Bridgend Ravens' News & Chat
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