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ron jeremie

Newport v Bridgend

Is this game still on on saturday, as there's nothing mentioned on here.
The Dodge

I should have written this a week ago. I was lucky enough to go to Rodney Parade last Saturday to watch the best game of rugby I've seen all season. All other games were cancelled and the referee deemed an unplayable-looking Dave Parade fit for purpose. Was he ever right!

We were served up a treat. In the driving rain and strong winds, the handling and running skills were superb and although I'm a Black and Ambers supporter, the scoreline did not truly reflect Bridgend's part in the match. As well as having the second-best kit in the league[!], your lads played their hearts out. It was great stuff and worthy of an even longer slot than Scrum V gave it on Sunday.

I did speak to four cheerful Ravens fans after the game and they suggested I was only being complimentary to make them feel better. I meant it; it was a smashing game. Thank you, Bridgend. I'd add that I'm also a long-time Dragons supporter of players who also give their all and have to put up with the sling and arrows of website supporters. We all know what it's like to be at the bottom of a table. A little appreciation of lads doing things the rest of us can or could only dream about would not go amiss. Forum Index -> Bridgend Ravens' News & Chat
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