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Challenge to Wayne "Ospreys" Hall

13 men played the last ten minutes of a game against Ponty in a nothing cup competition but a game where Bridgend Ravens players could be injured - a second class team within the Bridgend Borough acknowledged defeat when they had to play with 13 men - read the Gazette this week!! - at least they were professional enough to know when they were called on pathetic player management.

Are our so called masters going to acknowledge that our coach/management team is way out of their depth or is 13 men against 15 ok now????

Silence is not an option, Wayne/Ospreys management. The paying customers of Bridgend deserve far better than you are giving.

Also - I will keep on about Sam Underhill until you admit either lying about his signing or you don't give a damn about Ravens!!

Hmm says it all really -' no reply at all' as Phil Collins once sang, shows a huge lack of respect for Ravens fans - can we all then ask for a refund if management aren't taking the games seriously??

I'll give us 2 years tops with this joke of a management team in charge - looks like the black and white O's fingers have really squeezed the life out of the Raven's blue hearts and are winding us down in more ways than one - don't say you weren't warned!!

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