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Aberavon (H)

The club have confirmed that the clash with Aberavon on Saturday will go ahead as scheduled.

The Beddau cup game is being rearranged with a date to be announced in due course.
ron jeremie

With all the rain we have had yesterday and overnight, is the game still on.

That's the first time I chose TV over coming down on a sunny Saturday afternoon before the 6 Nations ....

Aberavon blanked us in the first half and led by more than 30 points in the process.

I don't think we'll improve this year, gents.

Yep...that's my last game of the season too.  Don't mind us losing but its no fun watching us being blitzed every week. I don't blame our young players but our squad is simply not able to compete at this level. Sad times!

No doubt there needs to be a big improvement in several areas for the remainder of this season if we're going to compete. It's a real shame, because the four game winning streak (which seems an age ago!) offered us some real hope that we were going to turn things around and really have a good season.

As much as it pains to watch these defeats, it's now more than ever they need our support so I'll still be there! Forum Index -> Bridgend Ravens' News & Chat
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