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2016-17 Bridgend Ravens Squad

As usual; a place for all transfers and squad news ahead of the 2016-17 campaign

Re-signed for 16-17: Zac O'Driscoll (Flanker), Ashton Evans (Back Row), Joseph Scrivens (Fly Half), Cai Lewis (Prop), Marc Bennett (Full Back), Jack Pope (Second Row), Morgan Jones (Centre), Lewis Francis (Prop), Joseph Gatt (Centre), Geraint Watkin (Scrum Half), Connor Tantum (Scrum Half), Dale Rogers (Hooker), Kyle Evans (Second Row), Adam O'Driscoll (Back Row), Ryan Evans (Centre), Nicky Boyce (Prop), Matt John (Back Row), Daniel Matthews (Prop), Michael Powell (Wing), Ryan Griffiths (Wing), Will Baird (Scrum Half)


In: Tom O'Flaherty (Wing; University Studies), Ryan Davies (Wing; Penallta), Paul Edwards (Back; Rhigos), Jamie Murphy (Back; Gloucestershire All Golds), Matt Silva (Head Coach), Gareth Edwards (Forwards Coach), Colin Beaton (Assistant Forwards Coach), Nick Roberts (Backs Coach), Grant Hall (Backs Coach), Chris Williams (Scrum Half; Cardiff), Owain Lloyd (Back Row; Easts Tigers), Kyle Maiden (Second Row; Bedwas)

Out: Mike Hook (Head Coach), Dean Ronan (Forwards Coach), Graham Court (Team Manager), Jack Pring (Llanharan), Ifreimi Boladau (London Scottish), Owen Williams (Aberavon), Scott Hicks (Maesteg)

16/17 Bridgend ravens squad

So can anyone tell us why we are going into a second season with no coaches? Last year we lost most of our team this year no coaches!!!! Please tell us what is going on before rumour controller takes over

Dean Ronan leaves Bridgend Ravens -

Tom O'Flaherty signs for Bridgend -

16/17 Bridgend ravens squad

Thank sled that just what we all wanted .it is great that Tom is coming back. Please keep as all informed that is all we as fans ask and no complaints from me

Im lead to believe coaches have been taken care off and I dont think we will be disappointed.

8 young guns commit to Bridgend ahead of new season -

Jamie Murphy returns to Bridgend Ravens -

New role for Graham Court -

New Coaching Structure for Bridgend Ravens -

Chris Williams re-joins Bridgend from Cardiff -

Llanharan confirm that 2015/16 Bridgend squad member Jack Pring has joined them -

London Scottish confirm the signing of Ifrieimi Boladau after he left the Ospreys -

Nine key Bridgend Ravens players commit for 16/17 -

Ryan Griffiths re-signs with Bridgend -

Owain Lloyd returns to Bridgend Ravens after a stint in Australia -

Will Baird commits for new season -

Kyle Maiden returns to Bridgend Ravens

So the squad currently looks like this: (taken from this thread)

Marc Bennett (Full Back)
Michael Powell (Wing)
Ryan Griffiths (Wing)
Tom O'Flaherty (Wing)
Ryan Davies (Wing)
Morgan Jones (Centre)
Joseph Gatt (Centre)
Ryan Evans (Centre)
Jamie Murphy (Centre)
Paul Edwards (Centre)
Joseph Scrivens (Fly Half)
Geraint Watkin (Scrum Half)
Connor Tantum (Scrum Half)
Chris Williams (Scrum Half)
Will Baird (Scrum Half)

Ashton Evans (Back Row)
Adam O'Driscoll (Back Row)
Owain Lloyd (Back Row)
Zac O'Driscoll (Flanker),
Cai Lewis (Prop)
Matt John (Back Row)
Jack Pope (Second Row)
Kyle Evans (Second Row)
Kyle Maiden (Second Row)
Dale Rogers (Hooker)
Nicky Boyce (Prop)
Daniel Matthews (Prop)
Lewis Francis (Prop)

Matt Silva (Head Coach)
Gareth Edwards (Forwards Coach)
Colin Beaton (Assistant Forwards Coach)
Nick Roberts (Backs Coach)
Grant Hall (Backs Coach)

Squad shaping up nicely!!
And I know there are lot of talented 18/19 year olds from the district training as part of the squad.

1st team Shaping up something like this;

15. M Bennett
14. M Jones
13. R Evans
12. Murphy
11. O'Flaherty
10. Scrivens
9.   C Williams

1. Boyce
2. Rogers
3. Cai Lewis
4. Kyle Evans
5. Kyle Maiden
6. A O'Driscoll
8. A. Evans
7. Z. O'Driscoll

G10 wrote:
Squad shaping up nicely!!
And I know there are lot of talented 18/19 year olds from the district training as part of the squad.

I would be going with something like -

15. Bennett 14. Griffiths 13. M. Jones 12. Murphy 11. O'Flaherty 10. Scrivens 9. Baird

1. Boyce 2. Rogers 3. Lewis 4. K. Evans 5. K. Maiden 6. O. Lloyd 7. Zac O'Driscoll (c) 8. A. Evans Forum Index -> Bridgend Ravens' News & Chat
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